Q: What is the trustedApiKey, ApiKey and APIPassword in context of jobfeeds authentication?

A: “apiKey” belongs to provider and will be the same for all jobfeed requests

“trustedAccountApiKey” belongs to an individual user of a company.

“password” is the provider password and will be the same for all job feed request.


Q: How do I get all team, brand and trustedApiKeys for accounts that belong to a provider?

A: With your provider credentials authenticate and run a get request to https://core.ws.efinancialcareers.com/v1/providerDependencies

See Get Users, Teams and Brands section for more information.


Q: Using jobfeed API how do I refresh jobs?

A: Jobs are automatically refreshed when a job is updated after 72 hours. It is still possible to update a job before this time but the job will not be refreshed.


Q: When running a request I am getting the error MSG_COMMON_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE

A: Specify application/xml for media type


Q: Where do the jobs appear after a job is posted via jobfeedsApi?

A: In the response there is a url that takes you directly to the job for example https://backoffice.efinancialcareers.com/legacyJob/12345 . It may take up to 3 minutes for the job to appear.


Q: Which testing environment do the jobs appear on?

A: All jobs posted will appear on the live site. It is important that when posting these jobs titles and descriptions only contain test information. When you are happy with how it looks on the site please deactivate the job. If for any reason you are having problems deactivating the job please let us know.


Q: Is it possible to download resume just from the results returned?

A: You have to view the resume first before it can be downloaded.


Q: In the documentation there are two different ways to post jobs. Which is the preferred method?

A: You can use either but most clients use single step job post.


Q: Can I add a tracking pixel to a job?

A: Tracking pixel can be inserted into the <description> tag, for example <img src=”http://example.com/example001.gif“>


Q: When posting a job is there a way of specifying a location without using a locationId which involves using the location service?

A: it is also possible to post jobs using latitude and longitude co-ordinates which will map to the nearest city. Example below




<locationName>London, England</locationName>

<isoCityCode />






Q: When using single step job posting how does inventory get allocated?

A: By default available inventory is automatically allocated from the team. If this is using SLOT inventory and all inventory is used then the oldest job will be de-allocated to allow the new job to become live. To disable this option so that only inventory that has NOT been allocated is used then element turnAutoDeallocationOff element should be set to true in the request.


Q: How do I post a job advert with anonymous brand information?

A: In the contact details of the request add <hideContactDetails>true</hideContactDetails> tag. This will ensure no branded information is displayed for the job.


Q: When do jobs expire?

A: Depending on the inventory type that is used will determine when a job expires.
For SLOTS job will expire when inventory end date is reached.
For 30 and 60 day credits the job will expire when the amount of days for the credit duration has been reached.
Jobs can be deactivated before the end date by sending a de-allocate request.