This API document is intended for developers who wish to write client applications that interact with the new eFinancialCareers job posting API. It provides a series of examples of API interactions in the form of RESTful requests.


This document does not rely on any particular programming language; your client application can interact with the API using any language that lets you issue HTTP requests and parse XML-based responses.

Before you begin

This section defines important terms and concepts introduced to our new job posting API that are necessary to help your clients get the most from their account setup.


We would recommend that this section is read before assembling your very first job XML document to understand how we have defined teams, brands and inventory and how this affects a job post. This is all explained below along with some real life examples.


Please note, the entities described below are created for our clients by our Client Service team therefore; if you are already posting jobs on behalf of our clients and have contacted us for an API key, you will be able to proceed with the rest of this guide.


Jobs can be posted under two types of inventories; job credits and job slots.

  1. Job Credits: A job credit allows the posting of a single job for up to 30 or 60 days. Once the credit has expired or has been deactivated it can no longer be used for another job posting.
  2. Job Slots: A job slot is a position on the eFinancialCareers website where a single job can be posted. The job slot can be interchangeable with any number of jobs until the slot expires.

We do place restrictions on these products which determine the location a job can be posted to. An inventory item can be limited so a job can only be posted to a specific country, region or have no restrictions at all:

Types of location restrictions on inventory


A user in this guide will represent a recruiter who is a client of eFinancialCareers or a client on whose behalf you are posting a job.


A brand is a company identity and includes a displayed company name and visuals such as a ‘Job advert logo’ and a ‘Homepage and company listing logo’.


All users are part of one or more teams with each team being associated with brands and inventory. Inventory is added to a team and can be shared amongst any user or brand associated with that team.

Overview of Account Setup

Conveying all the entity descriptions explained above, the following diagram shows a very basic account configuration with a single recruiter, one team and a single brand. Here, posting a job located in France results in the France job credit being used only and as there is only a single brand, only this brand can be used.


Please note, during the job posting it is mandatory to provide a Brand ID the job will belong to.

A simple account configuration


The next diagram shows an account configuration with multiple teams, brands and recruiters. Here, Stacey is a member of two teams, so posting a job located in the UK on her behalf to Team B will result in the UK job credit being used. However, Stacey has three brands to choose from and it is therefore important to know which brand to select as this is the identity that will be displayed to job seekers. It is essential that this information is obtained from your client.


Roberto and Gregory are not able to post jobs using inventory for teams they are not a member of.

A complex account configuration