Retrieving a Job

To retrieve a single job, send an authorised HTTP GET request to the following URL replacing the {jobId} with the job id you require:


You can also retrieve a job with all its human-readable values which we call translations. To do this append the locale at the end of the GET job URL:


Mandatory HTTP headers

Content-Type: application/xml

Authorization: EfcAuth realm=”EFC”, token=”522c3c4bd036a69db428ce4274745e9d”

Upon success, the server responds with HTTP 200 OK status code and an XML representation of the job in the response body:

<href="" xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns:xsi="">



    <defaultDescription lang=”EN”>

        <title>Senior Java Developer</title>

        <description>Updated – A leading online company are looking for an <strong> exceptional Java developer </strong> to join them to work on a new greenfield project.</description>

        <summary>Updated – Java developer – greenfield project in London UK.</summary>

        <salaryDescription>£60,000 basic + benefits + bonus</salaryDescription>








    <user href=”″>



    <company href=”″>



    <location href=”″>



    <brand href=”″>



    <team href=”″>