How to hire technologists in financial services


Innovative strategies for banks and fintechs


Employers across the finance sector, from fintech firms to global banks, have a huge appetite for hiring technology professionals in 2022. But sourcing tech talent is far from straightforward as financial institutions tackle skill shortages, pay inflation, high turnover, and competition from other industries. 

In our webinar, Rainy Gill (Vice President of Marketing), Ben Scuffins (APAC Head) and Simon Mortlock (Content Manager) of eFinancialCareers provide innovative solutions to help recruiters overcome the challenges of a candidate-led job market in tech. 


This webinar will:

  • Analyse new data into what’s motivating tech professionals to move roles 
  • Discuss strategies to improve the hiring process and win over tech candidates 
  • Pinpoint ways of diversifying and growing the tech talent pool
  • Highlight best practices to cope with pay inflation

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Ben Scuffins

Head of APAC

Simon Mortlock

Content Manager


Rainy Gill

Vice President of Marketing