eFinancialCareers is proud to be working with and supporting the Sutton Trust

The Sutton Trust and eFinancialCareers are partnering to champion social mobility within the financial services and tech industry. 

A message from our CEO, Pete Healey

I’m proud to announce eFinancialCareers’ new partnership with the Sutton Trust. Through working with the Trust, we have a chance to make a positive difference to the lives of young people who might otherwise not attend top universities and achieve career success in our sector, financial services. 

Our partnership will include providing career advice, promoting jobs to the Trust’s alumni, participating in events, and arranging volunteering and mentoring opportunities for our staff. eFinancialCareers will also promote the wider case for social mobility as we highlight the Trust to our clients – including many of the world’s leading financial institutions – and to the millions of professionals who use our site. 

We believe our partnership comes at an opportune time. Although the financial services sector has made good progress at entry level around both gender and ethnic diversity, socio-economic diversity poses huge challenges. The onset of the cost-of-living crisis and the continued effects of the pandemic have pushed many young people further away from strong educational and career opportunities, and into a deeper cycle of poverty. 

The Sutton Trust is well positioned to tackle these growing challenges. By helping high-attaining students from lower income families, the Trust achieves some incredible results: its alumni are 4x more likely to attend university, and 93% of students go from the lowest to the highest socio-economic group post university. 

Our aim is to partner with the Sutton Trust over the long term, and we’re incredibly excited at the impact this could have in helping social mobility in our industry. My team and I are very grateful to the Sutton Trust for giving us this opportunity. 

How we're collaborating

Editorial Content

eFinancialCareers will be providing editorial content for the Sutton Trust website as well as, offering its students access to news to support the trust's Pathways to Banking and Finance programme. 

Conference Participation

eFinanicalCareers will participate and speak at the annual banking and finance summer conference to discuss the key skills needed to succeed in a career in financial services.

Alumni Community Engagement

eFinancialCareer will be engaging with the Sutton Trust's 35000 alumni community promoting roles and opportunities. 

Work Placements

eFinancialCareers will be collaborating with the Sutton Trust by providing its students the opportunity to benefit from work experience placements, allowing them to develop their skills and hear from practising professionals.

"The Sutton Trust really has helped me become the person I am today and pursue every opportunity that comes my way"


The Sutton Trust's Impact in Numbers


The number of young people from across the UK who are supported by a Sutton Trust programme each year.


The Sutton Trust Students are 4x more likely to receive an offer from a top universities, than those from a similar socio-economic background


of Sutton Trust students moved from the lowest to the highest socio-economic groups after leaving university.