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Why post jobs with us?

eFinancialCareers' goal is to be the space to inspire and grow exceptional careers in financial services and tech. We believe everyone should have access to life-changing opportunities regardless of background. We enable the connection of skilled candidates to opportunities with aspirational employers

We help candidates build their careers and recruiters to source, engage with and hire the people they need. With an active and growing job seeker audience delivering 4 million applications a year, we are the precision tool for financial services and tech recruitment. Our talent pool is active, engaged and serious about their career progression.

What our customers say

We've significantly expanded our database since using eFinancialCareers, and the level of service we've received has been adapted and managed to align with our needs.

Sherelle Tomlinson, Marketing Manager

I use eFinancialCareers every day, it is for me the most relevant job board.
For the sector of activity in which I operate, eFC allows me to find the most suitable profiles for the needs of my clients. We have been using eFC for a year and have no regrets. I can easily say that we have recruited more than 10 profiles in one year via eFC. I recommend eFC for all firms and end clients looking for finance profiles.

Gabriel Almeida, Recruitment Officer

The eFinancialCareers’ teams are always responsive and efficient, two traits we recognized when we attended a virtual recruitment show. I greatly appreciate our collaboration with Michael Sundaram and Luke Smith who always meet our expectations with professionalism. Happy to have our partnership continue!

Karin Bendayan, Recruitment Director

We work in the finance sector and eFinancialCareers enables us to find very good talent who are a perfect match for our sector and our professions. eFinancialCareers provides us with a greater active volume of good profiles than other job board platforms. We highly recommend eFinancialCareers to companies that are expanding and/or needing high-potential people to boost their growth!

Quanteam UK
Shavidri Widana, Talent acquisition manager

Our experience working with Mike has been a pleasure throughout. We greatly appreciate how he is a highly collaborative and communicative partner. We work with many vendor partners, and we can genuinely share that Mike’s promptness, authentic professionalism, and agility stand out to us. Thanks again, Mike!

BNY Mellon
Jamie Bell, RH

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What is eFinancialCareers?

We are the precision tool for finance and tech recruitment. We operate globally in 23 territories and have 350,000 candidates searching weekly for our vacancies. Trusted worldwide, with many of the world's most influential financial institutions working with us.

Our candidates are actively looking for roles and we provide access to full CVs powered by real intent. Our talent pool is engaged, and serious about career progression. We invest in our job seeking and recruiter platform with continuous R&D to create a seamless, mobile-first experience, increasing the visibility of jobs, with a streamlined application process for candidates and recruiters.

We pride ourselves on being a key tool in the battle for fair access to prestigious careers. We are a conscious promoter of gender and ethnic equality. We partner with The Sutton Trust and Generation to further the cause of social mobility.

What areas do you work in?

We operate globally in 23 territories to include, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America.

Our candidates work across all areas of financial services, including the front and back office, banks and the buy-side and fintech firms. Our breadth makes us the space for careers and hiring across all areas, from M&A and sales and trading, to risk, compliance, quant and technology roles and more.

Can I post to multiple locations for job posting?

You cannot post to multiple locations for a job posting slot/credit. Each job posting slot/credit only allows you to post your role to 1 location.

How many users can we add to our account?

You can add unlimited users to your account. However, kindly note that all of your users will share the inventory limit you have.

Where can we post our jobs to?

You can post your jobs in any country depending on the type of job slots/credit you have. For example, if you have a global slot/credit, you can post your jobs anywhere globally.

How many days will a job credit last?

A job credit will last for 30 days.

Who do I reach out to if I need help?

Please contact [email protected], or alternatively call UK: +44 (0)20 7997 7900, US: +1 212-725-6550, SG: +65 6579 8000, HK: +852 3491 4673

Will I get a dedicated Customer Success representative when I sign the contract?

Yes, as soon as you sign a contract you will have a dedicated customer success manager who will support you through the duration of the contract.

How do I get the most from posting jobs?


How do I search for candidates?