The CFA Institute ARX supports eFC Singaporeans and Singapore PR in Financial Services Virtual Career Event that empowers professionals to excel in their careers


Hiring Singapore citizens and permanent residents is a priority for financial institutions. 


eFinancialCareers Virtual Careers Event, Singaporeans & Singapore PRs in Financial Services, is going to be held on 22 July, 2022, Professionals will be provided unique opportunities to engage online with recruitment representatives of leading employers in the finance sector via 1-2-1 chats. Register now here



eFinancialCareers becomes a contributing institution of CFA Institute ARX -  a premier hub for Asia-Pacific investment research


CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange (ARX) offers free access to more than 5000 research articles from industry professionals, financial institutions, scholars, regulators, and CFA charterholders.


eFinancialCareers, as a contributing institution of ARX, will be sharing guide and whitepaper on topics of high relevance to industry practitioners around banking and finance, fintech and ESG sectors. 


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